Huawei growth at record highs

Huawei is setting itself up for massive growth in South Africa according to a recent study by MyBroadband that was aimed at mobile consumer preferrences. The chinese technology equipment manufacturer has seen considerable growth in the shipment of its mobile devices globally to the point of seeing its smartphone revenue doubling over the last year.
According to the study done, local users of the Huawei smartphone make up 4.27% of smartphone users and an increase to 6.79% is expected within the next 24 months as users upgrade and buy new devices.
3 128 South African smartphone users took part in the survey where they listed their current smartphone brand, next mobile brand of choice, current mobile operator and preferred mobile operating system.
Furthermore, Financial Times reported earlier this year that Huawei has seen its biggest revenue growth in more than 5 years. The privately held company reported that for the first half of 2015 its revenues have grown 30% from the same period in 2014.The unaudited first-half revenue came in at $28bn.

Apart from its record revenue growth and increase in sales in South Africa, Huawei has also increased its spending on research and development in an effort to stay ahead of trends such as connected cars, even planning to invest $600m in developing 5g Technologies over the next few years.

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