Mandela Day 2015

Getting involved in SALT’s annual Mandela Day initiative for 2015 was a start to what we at ESAPARTNER hope will be a long involvement with this local NPO that does so much for the local community.

A few willing volunteers from ESA and their families pulled together on Saturday 18 July 2015 at Bloubergrandt High School to join SALT Projects and many other willing volunteers from the community to give back 67 minutes to the community for Mandela Day.

The objective was to sand down and varnish as many desks as possible so that the students could come back to school on Monday 20th July 2015 to desks they can be proud of.

Although we were expecting some bad weather for the weekend it seems God was on our side because we were given the perfect weather conditions in which to complete the task at hand and my-oh-my did we ever. With the help of all the volunteers from various organizations who sacrificed 67 minutes of their day for the community, the total number of desks sanded and varnished was a staggering 220.

We at ESA are so grateful to have been part of this day and hope to be much more involved in the various projects that SALT runs within our local communities.

SALT has been involved in the community for over 15 years assisting with at risk women and children, education, nutrition and social activism. To learn more about them, to donate or to partner with them go visit their siteĀ here