ESAPARTNER increase work-flow efficiency

Over the last 6 months ESAPARTNER has ventured in optimizing its work-flow processes to increase productivity, deliver higher quality service and reduce company costs. This journey has led us to make changes in various departments to benefit YOU, the client in all the right ways.

We have started off by implementing business process optimization software in place to automate our sales process. The new software provides us with stock warehouse reports on a continuous basis, allowing salesmen and the service department to quote directly from the inventory to ensure we only quote what we have in stock which will speed up time-frames between quoting and installation of our business technologies. Furthermore, the software integrates fully with our billing systems to provide transparency between departments in terms of service calls, quotes, outstanding bills and more.

To further optimize the process we have hired a new sales administrator who will be the direct contact between sales and the installations teams to ensure that clients are updated on a regular basis regarding where they are in the process from finance application through to installation of equipment. This will alleviate the need for “next step” calls to salesmen as we will have on point of contact to liaise with clients.

Furthermore, stock will no longer be control by our service administrators and instead will be controlled by a newly appointed stock controller who will work in conjunction with our new business process software to ensure that stock is always accounted for at all times and that there is always a supply of the stock with the highest demand.

While we are still in the process of making the process more efficient and we are always working on making our client experience the highest of quality, we can guarantee that the new changes to our business process will positively affect all our clients, new and current.