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Incredible Fibre Prices to be released March 2016

With the pricing of fibre continuously moving closer to that of legacy ADSL prices, we have committed ourselves to ensuring that provide clients in Cape Town with a fibre optic solution that is in-line with industry standard pricing.

We have thus since the inception of our ESACONNECT department, that specializes in our voice and data connectivity, done all we can to stay a cut-above the rest by partnering with some of the biggest upstream providers and negotiating pricing that benefits the client and us as the reseller.

In recent discussions with our upstream providers, we have managed to negotiate new connections into various parts of Cape Town and in these negotiations have managed to get pricing that will take the market by storm. Our new connections will be high-speed fibre connections and come in at a nominal rate to make it available to all sectors of the market.

Based on certain proof of concept studies and implementation planning, we should be able to release the new pricing on our fibre connections by 01 March 2016.

Further updates to  be posted as we receive them from our planning department.