Avigilon offers more security in a country with increasing crime rates

The need for increased security at business premises is becoming a greater necessity as the years go by and we see this more and more as we read the stats about crime in our beloved country. Crime is on the rise and businesses need to take better precaution to ensure that their lives, their business and their employees are safe.

SAPS Crime Statistics for Cape Town Central 2014/2015:
                                                                                                                                                                           2014         2015

Murders 5 12
Common Robbery 956 991
Robbery with aggravating circumstances 548 557
Malicious Injury to Property 403 429
Burglary at non-residential premises 349 272
Commerical Crime 879 1035
Source: www.crimestatssa.com

As these stats of Cape Town Central show, crime truly is increasing. Luckily, there are methods to ensure that your business is secure from being victimized.

High Definition CCTV Surveillance Systems


avigilon quality comparison

Image source: avigilon.com

The image on the left is that of a traditional analogue CCTV system and the image on the right is how an Avigilon IP High-Definition camera displays your video footage.

With surveillance technology like this companies are now able to view more than just blurred figures walking around their premises. With Avigilon surveillance, business owners can now rest at ease knowing that their camera does what it is supposed to in those crucial moments – identify the perpetrator.

Apart from their excellent video footage, the Avigilon product range offers business owners a user-friendly control panel that can be accessed from anywhere on a mobile device or a desktop PC. This means that when management is away on a business trip they can still monitor their business 24/7. Because of Avigilon’s cloud storage facility, images captured can be stored off-site to give that extra level of security for when surveillance systems get vandalized or stolen.

Furthermore, Avigilon is able to integrate with your old analogue CCTV surveillance adding extra value to those important places within the business where high image quality is necessary. Apart from analogue integration, Avigilon systems can also integrate with other biometrics and access control software to provide extra security in businesses where expensive goods are stored.

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