Providing the best internet options in South Africa

ESAPARTNER is a group of companies providing the SME market with affordable office solutions to increase business efficiency. One of our most popular services is our internet connections that provide businesses with high-speed connectivity at nominal rates.

We have strategically partnered with a few of the major internet service providers in order to provide our clients with the best internet options in the market. Because of our relationship with our upstream partners, we provide clients the opportunity to have high-speed connectivity without the hassle of dealing with large corporate call-centres where each client is merely a number. We have also ensured that we put together a wide range of pricing options to ensure we are able to service the entire market from startup business to corporate.

We provide all types of internet connections including ADSL, VDSL, LTE (Long Term Evolution), Diginet, Licensed Spectrum Wireless, and Fibre Optics. Each connection has its value within the market and we have the expertise to advise businesses on the best solution for their business needs.  We have 10 highly skilled solution specialists who have a vast array of industry knowledge to ensure all our clients are offered only the best solutions.

For further information regarding our internet options, contact one of our consultants on 021 552 5233 or alternatively, send us a mail at [email protected]. We guarantee you we will get back to you.