Renting A Printer Can Save Your Business Money

SME’s, unlike their larger corporate counterparts generally buy their printers from stores such as Makro, Game or Incredible connection who usually carry low-end equipment built to last a few thousand prints before they completely give in. Apart from the machines being low-end, the cost of cartridges for these machines end up costing the business more than the actual printer cost them when they initially purchased it.

It may seem that the salesman at that store is offering you the best option for your business but this is far from true, they will usually sell you what they need and want to sell you and there advice is generally biased without having the relevant information regarding the historical service data on these machines. The reason for this is that these stores don’t have service divisions for faults on these store-bought machines.

ESAPARTNER has a large team of technical experts with years behind them in the office automation industry who provide us with raw data on the service side of the equipment. This information gets passed down to our sales team.

We specialize in Develop and Kyocera printers

We have a range of printers in the Develop and Kyocera range to suit the needs of every part of the market and with our knowledge we are able to provide you with the best option for your business.

Our advice to small business owners is to rather take a look at leasing a machine over buying a machine from the local computer store, and here is why:

Why is leasing better than buying?

It is one way for you to avoid the initial capital outlay required for an outright purchase, whether you are spending R3000 – R4000 on a store-bought machine or buying a large-scale printer, its always better to lease your office automation equipment as it is a tax-efficient form of finance that enables cost-effective upgrading t0 the right technology at the right time.

What are the benefits of leasing a photocopier?

Purchasing a photocopier is always a daunting task for businesses because of the large upfront sum but also because of the prospect of it becoming obsolete in five years time when technology has made rapid changes therefore, leasing a photocopier is the smarter alternative.

  • Tax Efficiency

Leasing reduces your overall tax bill as you are able to deduct the cost as a business expense which reduces the net cost leasing the machine. If you lease a printer, you don’t pay the cost of the printer immediately and you are able to reclaim everything you pay out on a ‘by payment’ basis either monthly, quarterly or annually.

  • ¬†Upgrades

A photocopier much like a car depreciates in value as the years tick by. Leasing gives businesses the freedom for up to date office equipment. You are able to upgrade your printer to the latest print technology every 3 -5 years which means that your business will be up-to-date with the relevant changes without the need to reinvest.

  • Flexible Payment Options

You are able to choose a payment option that is suitable to your business of up to 5 years which gives you immediate access to to a brand new photocopier /printer at payments that are affordable to your business.

ESAPARTNER has various financing facilities in order to provide you with the most affordable options for your business. All you need to do is contact one of our consultants on 021 552 5233 and we will provide you with our relevant knowledge to choose an option that suits your business needs and your pocket.