Cloud Video Conferencing Made Simple

Cloud Video Conferencing Made Simple

Partnering with Dynamic Communications, the importer of Starleaf products in South Africa, ESAPARTNER has become a specialist in the implementation of Starleaf Cloud Video Conferencing services, a cloud VC service that integrates with the most notable VC hardware such as Polycom and Cisco to bring you Video Conferencing As A Service with greater video quality, global redundancy and the well known Starleaf Breeze that can be used by anyone on any device to make online meetings simpler.

With the Starleaf cloud services you can conference with anyone, anywhere.

In conjunction with the purchase of a cloud license, you will have the ability to use Starleaf Breeze which not only means that you can conference with your workers, remote users and offices but also gives you the ability to invite third-party guests to join you on video with Starleaf Guest Invite. This technology removes the limitation previously placed on VC equipment and allows you to have high-definition conferences with virtually anyone.

In addition to this, Starleaf makes it possible for you to extend the life of your existing SIP video systems by moving over the the Starleaf Cloud Service. Apart from extending the life of your current VC equipment, moving to Starleaf also offers you increased functionality:

  • Unlimited direct calling for all users
  • Direct calling to any other external endpoints (hardware and software) such as Skype for Business, Cisco, Lifesize, Polycom etc.
  • Encrypted Calling functionality
  • Bi-directional screen sharing between all end-points
  • Scheduled conferencing including global audio dial-in
  • Firewall Traversal
  • Endpoint Monitoring
  • Central Management Dashboard
  • Full global redundancy

The Starleaf Cloud VC has something to offer for every business and makes communicating locally, nationally or internationally that much simpler. As a reseller, we have the expertise to provide businesses with the information they need regarding the Starleaf product. If you are tired with your current VC limitations, give one of our consultants a call to book a demo on 021 552 5233.