Hassle free information tracking & management across your company

Hassle free information tracking & management across your company

Imagine managing business processes and company information was simple

M-Files is a powerful tool for businesses to help manage, track and find information across your business. M-Files manages everything from documents, projects and business processes and adds intelligence by combining it with information from other systems such as Sharepoint, Salesforce and SAP, ensuring that you will always find what you need no matter what system you are using.

What benefits does M-Files bring to your business?

1. M-Files gives you instant access to information no matter where you are

M-Files has cloud capability that allows users across the company to connect from virtually anywhere on any device to find the information they need at a click of a button. With this functionality, remote users can easily access relevant company or project information without the tedious job of tracking it down through relevant departments thus increasing producitivity.

2. No need to track where you saved that project file from 2 years ago

With M-Files, the hassle of remembering where you stored everything is over. Now you can find documents easily based on what it is, not where you saved it. This will reduce the worry of having to ensure documents are tracked manually because M-Files automates this process giving you the capability to better manage your important information.

3. M-Files provides easy compliance

The built in content and process management capabilities ensure that regulations and standards are met by ensuring the right people always get the right information. M-Files further has the capability of enforcing important compliance control without all the complexity. M-Files is full ISO, FDA & HPAA certified making management and tracking of all your quality documents and processes convenient.

M-Files is a great product that enhances business processes making your life easier and ensuring information management is simple and secure.

ESAPARTNER is a registered reseller of M-Files and is able to provide you with a solution to match your business needs. To see a demo of the M-Files system mail us on [email protected].