CCTV Solutions Are A Necessity, Here’s Why

CCTV Solutions Are A Necessity , Here’s Why

You may think you don’t need added security but CCTV provides much more than just security


Security is fundamentally important across all platforms whether in the residential or business sector, due to the rise of criminal activity that we see across the globe, to ensure the overall safety and possessions of all individuals are comprehensively protected. With technology increasing in its functionality, purely having a security guard at your business or residential premises is becoming a redundant method of keeping yourself and your possessions safe.

CCTV and other security and surveillance technologies have provided businesses and residential owners a more reliable method of securing their properties by carefully integrated security solutions that integrate CCTV Surveillance, Biometrics and Secure Access.

Establishing an overview via placements of cameras within key areas in an office environment or retail store is an integral part of CCTV Security systems and although all such systems are installed to protect against potential theft and criminal activity, there is another side of the CCTV and biometrics installation that can prove to improve productivity levels of employees.

The presence of CCTV can be important for work ethic and efficiency of employees as the strategic placement of CCTV cameras in the center of corners of the room will motivate employees who may generally slack in their work be more pro-active in their approach to work knowing their is video proof if they do not put in their best efforts. Whilst some individuals may be against the “Big Brother” approach of managing employees it has proven time and time again to be a reliable motivator in retail stores and other office environments to get increased productivity out of employees.

Furthermore, integrating CCTV with a biometrics / time control system may further increase productivity by ensuring that employees become more punctual in their daily arrival and departure from the office as well as ensuring individuals in larger corporations don’t take chances by staying off hoping their absence will fall through the cracks.

To protect your business and increase employee productivity, we have partnered with some of the best manufacturers in the world to bring you state of the art CCTV and biometrics systems. We have partnered with Avigilon for their enterprise video surveillance solutions that are perfect for businesses that require high-end security such as airports, hospitals, banks and casinos whilst partnering with Hikvision to provide an affordable but high-quality CCTV system to the SME market.

To provide enterprise biometrics systems, we have partnered with ZKTEco an international manufacturer of time-keeping devices and other biographical access control systems.

Our product range is suitable for every sector of the market making it possible for small businesses and large corporates alike to benefit from increase employee productivity and business security.