How You Can Save Money On Printing Costs

How You Can Save Money On Printing Costs

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The office printer is still a huge need for many corporate and small businesses around the world despite the digitizing of many processes in business. In an effort to save money many companies make mistakes that end up costing them more than they bargained for.

As a leading office automation company in Cape Town, our insight into printing solutions can assist companies in making the right choices. We recommend that companies speak to companies that are established in the office automation industry to get the correct information before buying a printer.

Here are some tips on how you can save money on your printer if you’ve already made a bad decision and your printer is costing you an arm and a leg:

1. Reduce Printing

It seems almost obvious but many companies aren’t reducing their printing as much as they seem to think they are when you take document errors, printing of unnecessary documents and personal document printing into account. So first off, put in place a management tool to ensure that employees aren’t using the printer for personal documents, put an effort in to check work before printing to avoid having to reprint documents because of one spelling error and don’t print documents that you don’t need on hard-copy.

2. Reduce paper use 

A lot of printing may be done for internal use and when printing in simplex mode a 25-page document ends up costing you 50 pages which is why we suggest using the duplex printing functionality on your printer for internal documents which will help you save on paper usage which can get quite expensive specifically in larger companies.

3. Network Printers vs. Stand-alone

Do you really need all those desktop printers at each manager’s desk? By networking your printers and setting up a link between all the users to the companies main network printer you will be saving on maintenance costs, paper and repairs not to mention, most companies purchase inkjet desktop printers from stores such as Makro and it ends up costing them R2 or more per page on ink. With a proper network printer you can have your ink included in your maintenance costs.

4. Adjust Print Quality for Internal Documents

Not presenting a business proposal to a client or supplier? Printing a bank statement or some other internal document? Try changing the settings on your printer or in print settings to Draft Quality printing which means your printer will actually spray less ink, saving you money as you use less ink. Don’t worry, this can easily be changed back when you need to print an important presentation.

Effectively, if you want to save money on your office printing costs, its the little things that count and by adding the little things together, you could make a huge difference in your printing costs on a monthly basis.