PBX Click-to-Call Integration


PBX Click-to-Call Integration

Made possible with the MyPBX Client Add-On




The Yeastar MyPBX is our preferred PABX when implementing new IP PABX systems at client sites and with good reason – the MyPBX offers great functionality and even better integration.

One of our favourite integrations is the MyPBX Client Add-On, an application that connects your PC to your IP phones through the MyPBX making it possible to perform various operations including checking extension status, managing contacts, voicemails, extension CDR and the ability to truly integrate click-to-call making it possible to dial at the click of a button whether you are browsing the web or reading a mail.

The MyPBX Client Add-on makes it possible to make, terminate or transfer calls directly from your PC by either dialing the numbers on your PC or clicking numbers on the web, on documents, or on emails to make click-to-call a reality for users.

Apart from being able to listen to voicemails at any time directly from your PC, the Add-on also allows users to initiate group chats, receive instant messages and send sms’s to mobile phones, breaking down the barriers of communication by providing a full house of communication tools in  one handy little application.

The MyPBX client also allows users to manage their contacts list by adding, editing or deleting or designating groups for contacts which syncs directly with the IP phones.

This handy application integrates with the entire IP PABX series including all PABX’s in the UXX Series as well as with the MyPBX Standard, truly making seamless communication a possibility.