What Distinguishes Modern Contact Centres from Legacy Call Centres?

Contact centres are an important part of marketing and lead generation within many businesses and the contact centre agent fulfills the roles within most company’s as a frontline customer service representative, in many cases the primary point of customer engagement taking responsibility for lead nurturing, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities and demand generation, all of which are fundamental marketing and sales activities that can be supported and initiated by contact centres.

You cannot say that a modern contact centre is just another name for legacy call centres because there is a tremendous difference between the two with the fundamental difference being a shift in strategic thinking and implementation. The shift from the legacy call centre to the modern contact centre involves staffing, resources, organizational alignment and deployment of technology.

Demand Metric, an independent performance marketing company has pointed out five main characteristics that distinguish modern contact centres from legacy call centres:

  • Intelligent Information Flow – with data introduced to the specialist is correct estimated for the quick need and in the right connection for a multichannel situation.
  • Context Awareness –┬áSignificant data is separated and quickly displayed to specialists taking into account corporate procedure and consistence principles and rules.
  • Multichannel Communication –┬áData streams openly between the client and the organization paying little mind to touch point or gadget. Client data is shared by all interior purposes of contact.
  • Cloud-based Software – SaaS (software-as-a-service) applications provide users with a cost, flexibility and scalability option to allow for cost-effective growth and changes
  • Virtual Support – utilizing the cloud offerings that are available, outsourcing and decentralizing various business processes