Hosted Servers: What Are Your Options?

Hosted services are becoming increasingly popular in the business market with an increasing
number of business taking their servers along with various other services
including accounting packages and customer management systems, into the cloud.

Hosting offsite is highly beneficial for businesses as it allows them to safely store their
business data in a safe environment that allows for national redundancy and redundant archiving,
a reduced risk of disaster damage, easier access for users who are offsite and in some instances
the need for hardware maintenance is completely removed.

There are numerous methods of hosting a business server in the cloud that each cater for the
specific need and resources of the business:

Renting Rackspace – allows businesses to rent a portion of a cabinet in a datacentre where they
can implement their own server hardware and have unlimited access to the hardware for maintenance
purposes and it has all the benefits of hosting offsite.

Resource based hosting – another method of hosting is to pay a premium on a monthly basis
based on the server resources used on a monthly basis. This allows businesses to pay a small
monthly amount based on the amount of RAM, CPU, and Storage that the server needs.

Virtual Server Hosting – works in a very similar way to resource based hosting however, in
this instance, businesses are required to choose pre-bundled packages with a specific amount
of RAM, CPU and Storage and then pay a monthly fee for the package that they choose.

ESAPARTNER offers resource based hosting at affordable prices to businesses throughout South Africa
giving them the benefit of a flexible and scalable hosted server solution with benefits including:

Reduced Disaster Risk
No hardware maintenance required
Multi-datacentre redundancy
Reduced Costs
Guaranteed Uptime

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