The Benefits Of Video Conferencing In Business

Face-to-face meetings are often a lot more effective than a simple phonecall in many situations. Starleaf video conferencing units turn your calls into a face-to-face meeting with HD video calls between mutliple locations with features such as screen sharing making it possible to share information as if you were in the same room.

Video conferencing adds so much value to a business that it has become almost a necessity within businesses who trade nationally or internationally for sales, management and HR purposes. According to businesses surveyed regarding video conferencing, some of the benefits to a business are:

1. Reduced Travel Costs

Video conferencing allows employees to be anywhere in the world at the click of a button. With Starleaf, the user on the other end doesn’t need a VC system to receive your call, all you need to do is send and invite and you can connect with them almost instantly. With this feature it makes it possible for employees to meet with clients, colleagues or whoever anywhere in the word in HD reducing the need for national or international business trips that often become a very large expense for businesses.

2. Improve Communication & Relationship Building

As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words and Starleaf asserts this claim well as it makes it possible for you to see the facial expressions and body language of conference participants which leads to increased trust and relationship building. By improving communication, Starleaf helps businesses increase their trust with clients and partners alike. Imagine being able to speak to a manufacturer in China face-to-face, discussing project specs and sharing design ideas in crystal clear HD quality without the need for what would have been a long and expensive international trip, that can now be sorted within minutes.

3. Save Valuable Time & Gain The Competitive Edge

In most cases, meetings are a waste of time, taking unnecessary travel and time and with video conferencing, you are able to meet with employees, clients and suppliers without ever leaving your desk which saves you travel time going from meeting to meeting in traffic and gives you the competitive edge by allowing you to make quicker business decisions without the need to wait for important parties to have the availability to meet. Meetings can be held at your desk, at home or anywhere where you have internet.

4. Increased productivity and processes

By saving you money and time, video conferencing offers you the ability to increase productivity by investing your new-found time and finances into more important areas of your business to increase your overall revenue. Making decisions faster and being able to meet with anyone, anywhere means you can do business from anywhere so you’re no longer restrained to keeping business at the office.