Why make the switch? Analogue CCTV to IP Surveillance

You may think upgrading to an IP surveillance system when your current analogue CCTV solution is still in pretty good working order may be a tedious task but when looking at the vast number of benefits, the switch may not be as vacuous as you think and may in fact be a necessity for the safety of your business and employees.

How Are IP Camera’s Different to Analogue
IP vs Analog CCTV quality

  • Picture Quality – the difference in quality between a traditional analogue CCTV camera and he worst IP camera on the market are still miles apart. At its best the analog system is capable of the equivalent of less than half a megapixel whereas IP cameras offer megapixel quality up to 30MP and more under certain brands.
  • Flexibility & Scalability – with an analogue DVR setup, each camera needs to be connected directly to the DVR and in addition needs a second cable run for the power, whereas with IP cameras that run on a NVR (network video recorder) setup need only one cable, circumventing the need to connect to two different sources by connecting the cameras to a switch that both connects it to the storage and power via POE.
  • Video Analytics – with IP systems, flagging events or camera obstruction is easy as the system is able to pick up certain events such as specific items being moved, cameras being tampered with ir even movement within a room making it easier for those manning the system to detect suspicious behaviour that may affect their business.
  • Remote Access – with IP surveillance, your cameras are connected to a network which carries an IP address which makes it possible for managers to monitor the business property even when they are off site. This can be done by connecting through the internet to the public IP address of your network and then logging into the NVR system and in some instances with more modern IP systems can be done through mobile apps on smartphones.
  • Save Costs – IP cameras make it possible to save costs on cabling due to the ability to connect cameras wirelessly to the server transmitting recording data wirelessly to the storage unit.

Altogether, the IP surveillance system is a more reliable system that offers benefits of increased security due to better image quality, reduced costs and more flexibility and stands far above its predecessor in terms of its function within a business environment. Should you wish to find out more about IP CCTV, drop us a mail at [email protected].