Avaya Telephone Systems – Launch

When it comes to telephone systems, the Avaya system is the Rolls Royce of them all. According to the Miercom Lab Testing Summary Report of January 2015, Avaya beat its competitors’ IP PBX’s, including Cisco, Siemens, Alcatel and ShoreTel and in addition earned the top IP-PBX rating awarded in Miercom public testing with 90 out of 100 points in addition to its various other awards won in 2015.avaya ip 500v2 system

Being a vendor-neutral provider of business technologies, ESAPARTNER has brought Avaya into its range of products to provide its medium to large clients with a highly intelligent, completely scalable unified communication system. Avaya centralizes and simplifies your technology infrastructure and thus delivers the high performance, flexibility and agility needed to enable growth within youir business.

The Avaya IP Office System caters for five to 3000 users and can be deployed in various ways including on virtual machines, dedicated servers or on the Avaya IP Office 500 v2 system and has the ability to connect mutliple branches to a single system with centralized management. As a businessman, your office telephone, cellphone and email are imperative to the way you work and Avaya IP Office uses its built-in intelligence to bring your devices together making it possible to connect your cellphione and home phone into office extensions with extensive reporting functions that allow you to manage your calls and how your customers are service telephonically with ease.

To find out more about the Avaya IP Office system. browse the brochure or contact one of our consultants to provide you with more information.