How To Reduce Tech Costs

Running a small business is impossible without an investment in technological infrastructure such as a telephone system, printer, PC’s, servers and a LAN to connect all these technologies together, and putting good technology in place can take your business operations to the next level however, in this tough economic climate, how do you do it without wasting money on needless technical services and products?

Do a technical audit:
Do a full audit of your technology to find out where you might be duplicating costs. Take into account all aspects including hardware, services, licenses and maintenance, making sure that you have all business technology covered.

Try cloud services for specific tech tasks
Software-as-a-service is a growing trend in business today with everything “going into the cloud” including telephone systems, computers, accounting software, and customer management software. Take a look at the maintenance costs on your current network infrastructure such as your server and PC and how long you have had it for, then consider migrating it to the cloud to reduce maintenance costs and capital expenditure on upgrading hardware that becomes redundant.

Put management tools in place
Want to reduce costs on your telephony expenditure? Consider putting a telephone management system in place to monitor costs, adding pin-code dialling in order to manage personal calls in the office. You can do the same with internet connectivity. Whether you have an uncapped internet line or not, it could be costing your money, either due to out of bundle data or because of delayed processes because of bandwidth hogs that slow down your speeds, try putting in a firewall to manage what users do on the web.

Get updated billing from your providers
On a monthly service plan with your internet provider, mail provider, or any other service provider? Chances are their prices have decreased since you came on board so, stay ahead of the game and request a price update to stay on track with your service costs, you could save a significant amount of money with the market becoming more competitive.

These are small things that you can do to reduce your IT costs. Another thing you could do is partner with ESAPARTNER and get your technology on an affordable monthly rental and upgrade every 36 to 60 months to stay on top of the latest office technology.