Far South: New To The ESA Product Family

The latest addition to the ESAPARTNER product family is a highly-advanced VoIP PBX system that caters for the SOHO and SMME market, offering a complete communication solution in one on-premise device. The devices come from the Far South range of Com-X boxes that act as a full PBX and Integrated Access Gateway.

With the Com-X range, businesses now have an affordable solution that caters for users with as little as 2-extensions to businesses that have 450+ extensions in IP or analogue. The Com-X range comes with built-in call recording and voicemail facility with up to 1, 000,000+ minutes storage capacity (model dependent) and offers from 4 –  120 VoIP channels.

In addition to great recording capacity and extension range, the Com-X range also offers its users a range of value added services including operator panel, call centre analyser and a user-friendly GUI system (web-user interface) making configuration and management simple for any user. The Com-X system is also great for multi-branch offices that want an affordable multi-branch telephony solution with centralised management.

The Com-X range offers seamless voice and legacy TDM telephony convergence and in addition acts as a professional access gateway that allows users the access to manage firewall, routing, SIP gateway, Quality of Services and more. In addition, the Com-X also offers ViBE QoS to ensure that voice is given the proper priority for uninterrupted voice communications.

ESAPARTNER has brought the Com-X range on board in the hopes of reaching a larger market with a IP PBX solution that integrates various technologies into one compact little box. The Com-X is perfect for businesses who want to reduce costs and spend minimum capex when upgrading to a new telephony solution.

(Originally posted on http://mypr.co.za/)