Hikvision’s Market Share Shows Why You Should Have Their System Installed

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Hikvision has for many years been a brand that we have heavily relied on when providing CCTV and video surveillance solutions to customers, being a high-quality but affordable surveillance system that has a camera for almost every scenario. Hikvision is currently the largest manufacturer of surveillance and biometric equipment in the world but being the biggest doesn’t always mean you’re the best but, in the case of Hikvision it definitely does mean that.

According to a 2015 report by the IHS Inc. Hikvision had taken the number one rank in the world CCTV and video surveillance market for the fourth consecutive year in a row, making it the top brand from 2011 to 2015. According to the report Hikvision dominated top position in the market share for almost all of its equipment. The table below shows its rankings from 2013 to 2015:

Market share forIHS report 2015IHS report 2014IHS report 2013
RankMarket shareRankMarket shareRankMarket share
CCTV & Video Surveillance Equipment116.3%110.9%18.0%
Security Cameras117.3%111.9%37.8%
Analogue Security Cameras113.3%210.1%26.2%
Network Security Cameras118.9%213.0%39.7%
Video Encoders113.1%29.5%26.0%
Hardware NVRs115.7%16.6%below 10
Megapixel Network Security Cameras120.6%213.0%211.1%
Network Video Surveillance Equipment116.2%210.4%37.2%

With their market share increasing the way it has and their dominance of the video surveillance and CCTV market worldwide, there is little reason to question the effectiveness of their solutions. As a result, they have been a preferred brand of ESAPARTNER for many years, in addition to the Avigilon range of video surveillance systems.

For more information about the various Hikvision solutions, contact one of our specialists on these contact details.

**Table courtesy of Hikvision**


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