You Choose How You Want To Connect

ESAPARTNER has strategically partnered with many of the major providers in order to provide our clients with a choice of broadband connectivity for both their voice and their data. While not all connections are suitable for the same use, each connectivity product has its place within the market and within various businesses.

In terms of data connectivity, ESAPARTNER has various partners with various different packages in most areas throughout South Africa. Our main broadband connections include:

  • ADSL
  • VDSL
  • LTE / 4G
  • Metro Fibre
  • Microwave / Wireless

While fibre is currently the best form of connectivity in South Africa, the price for fibre in certain areas is still not feasible for many countries who still see themselves spending less than R2000 for internet, in places where FTTB has not yet been laid. For these clients, we offer ADSL, VDSL or LTE connectivity which offers similar speeds to fibre with download speeds capable of reaching well over 20Mbps as well as very high upload speeds.

For the clients who are located in FTTB areas, the need for ADSL or wireless (LTE) connectivity is not as much as they are able to benefit from fibre connecitivity with low-latency and high speeds at less than R1000 per month. For the clients who do spend significantly more on their data connections who may or may not be located in FTTB areas, they may need an even more reliable connection such as an uncontended fibre line or point-to-point link, For these clients, we offer the metro fibre and / or microwave services which offer even lower latencies than FTTB and offer complete uncontention, giving thee clients the throughput they need for their data-intensive tasks.

On the other end of the spectrum we have VoIP connections, which, like data connections aren’t all suitable for the same purpose and thus we use each connection in specific scenarios.

ADSL – Suitable for up to 4 concurrent calls or in a remote office environment
LTE – Suitable for up to 10 concurrent calls or a small office environment
Fibre – Suitable for customers with PRI (30 concurrent calls) to 500+ concurrent calls depending on connection size
Wireless – Suitable for customers with call concurrency up to PRI (connection speed dependant)

Because of our partnership with various upstream providers, we pride ourselves in bringing a cost-effective solution, no matter what type of connection we offer and as a result we are able to save our clients money on their broadband internet and VoIP connectivity.