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ESA has seen significant growth in the last 3 years in its voice and data division, selling various forms of connectivity such as fibre, LTE, and Wireless, and offering a stable managed-voice platform for business communication. Coming from office automation foundations, the company has gone very far, very quickly, acquiring the relevant infrastructure partners, support engineers and knowledge to ensure it is providing a high-quality service to customers and thus seeing a rapid year-on-year growth.

Taking it one step further ESA is entering the IT service market, offering its existing and potential customer base service level agreements (SLA’s) on remote desktop and network support which includes support for all billable services on voice, data, printers, servers, and firewalls.

Our new range of SLA’s come in multiple packages, from a single package offering basic desktop support to a full SLA on all equipment supplied by ESA, such as voice, printers, cctv and the likes. In addition to offering IT support as a service, the new additions to our team allow us to better support our customer networks where the customer may not have the relevant in-house IT support – such as in the case of many small businesses.

With the increase of cyber attacks on businesses of various sizes and scope, ensuring that your network is taken care of is absolutely critical. In the case of our support criteria, part of managing a secure network effectively is ensuring that the customer has a firewall to protect it from potential viruses and other cyber crimes that could potentially harm business. This is only one of the things that we work on with our customers to ensure better managed IT infrastructure.

For more information about our IT department, please contact our sales department on 021 552 5233 or send us a mail request at [email protected]



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