An ever-increasing need for power

The start of 2019 was a very dark time for South African businesses as loadshedding once again caused the loss of countless hours of productivity, affecting more often than not the small-to-medium sized businesses the worst.

Whilst many large businesses have the facilities and finances to ensure alternative energy sources such as generators or solar power, smaller businesses suffer under the production loss caused by loadshedding schedules without any affordable long-term solution to keep operations running.

There is a solution for these businesses, to keep their businesses up to 50% more productive during times of loadshedding. With a UPS (Unlimited Power Supply) businesses can power their business network and other office requirements for varying amounts of time at a more affordable rate than what generators and solar power are able to offer.

For many businesses, the biggest trouble with loadshedding is downtime of PC’s, internet and telephones that stop businesses from effectively communicating with customers and suppliers alike. With a UPS, this portion of a business can remain productive during the loadshedding periods to avoid the loss of sales during these times.

As a business technology provider, we offer UPS’s as a product and aim to offer it to businesses that we sell our products to, keeping their business online during South Africa’s dark times.