Celebrating Employees this May-Day!

We decided to take some time this Worker’s Day and celebrate those who do the hard work, so we decided to do an interview with one of our champion team-members to see if he knew what the origins of Worker’s Day is and to find out what keeps him working so hard at ESA.

Teri Jeffery is one of our Senior Solutions Specialists in our Sales Department.

Teri’s focus in our business is generating new business and managing current accounts and follows the ESA strategy of providing solutions that help improve business productivity and costs and not just products, with a special focus on copiers and PABX.

Give us a bit of background about yourself, Teri…I am a 35 year old father of 1, a 10 year old daughter. Aside from taking over the world 1 copier/ PABX at a time, I spend my spare time fishing, camping or just being out in nature. We are all connected via this earth and spending time in the outdoors feeds my soul. 

Without googling – do you know the origins of Workers Day? Nope, I googled anyway. Very interesting. Im not going to explain it here as I expect you all to do your own research.

How long have you been working at ESA? 3 Years in July.

What has been the contributing factors that have made you stay at ESA thus far? Family, inclusion and an open door policy. Given the stress of today, it is comforting to know that your employer has your best interest at heart and will look after you as far as they can. Having the ability to walk into any of the directors office’s to get advice, help with a client or just for some general chatter. Lastly, being included in decisions that impact the sales team, taking advice from us on the battle ground out there and seeing your ideas mature into actions feels good to know your input is taken.

What in general do you think makes a business successful at keeping good employees like yourself? I think the contributing factors for me staying are key but, to expand, the directors see ESA Partner as a group of 40 or so professionals doing our part to keep this ship afloat. Not 3 directors paying  40-odd staff a salary to do a job. Giving each employee ownership of their role and the ability to make decisions within that role, most importantly supporting those decisions.

What do you enjoy most about the role you fill at ESA? The ability for me to be me. Sales-people are more often that not outspoken and loud,I am no different. Each of our personalities thrown into the mix makes this place work the way it does. What I enjoy the most about ESA are my colleagues.

Want to know the origins of Worker’s Day? Go have a look.

Happy Worker’s Day!!