A Lack of IT skills in South Africa

News sites and professionals throughout South Africa and even internationally are commenting on the increased number of skilled individuals leaving the country, and more specifically, those skilled in the IT sector.

According to a Business Tech article, for every skilled professional coming to South Africa, there are eight leaving. Oxbridge Academy states that some of the key skills that are lacking include software development, networking and information security and web development and recent Mybroadband articles have stated that there is a scarcity in overall IT skills with even the larger organisations such as the major South African banks struggling to find the necessary skilled individuals.

What can South African businesses do to retain skilled IT individuals to manage their business systems?

Businesses can try to find individuals with the necessary skillset and may suffer having to pay up to 30% more on salaries than what they traditionally would have paid for the same set of skills and risk losing their staff to the 46% of IT professionals in South Africa that are planning to leave South Africa permanently.


Businesses can reduce the risk of losing necessary skills and high salary costs and outsource their IT requirements. ESAPartner has a team of highly skilled individuals across the IT sector, able to provide businesses with:

  • Managed network administration
  • Network and Information Security
  • Software Development
  • Web Development
  • Desktop Support & Repair / Maintenance

Our team not only provides the latest technologies in hardware and software but also provides skilled individuals to manage these technologies on clients behalf to reduce their overall IT-related expenses and keep their business moving forward in the digital age.