Fourth Industrial Revolution – Is your business ready?

There is a lot of hype around the Fourth Industrial Revolution, with employees fearing that they could lose their jobs as as AI replaces a variety of job functions in the workplace.

The truth is, there may be no need for job loss, however, there will be a change in the way employees work and the skillsets required to fulfill their necessary job functions. Simply put, employees and companies need to adapt.

Businesses will need to adapt the way they perform their functions in order to remain in line with their competitors by adopting newer , smarter technologies that will automate previously manual tasks.

Companies will also need to adapt their businesses to cater for the change in perspective on work as most employees see work as a task to be performed, not a location, as it once was. Employees can now work from anywhere due to the increase in adoption of technologies such as cloud servers, edge firewalls, SaaS (software as a service) and VoIP.

Businesses that want skilled employees will need to adapt to these technologies in order to keep these employees happy.

Employees will need to upskill themselves to be able to better perform their job functions as AI (artificial intelligence) fulfills various tasks that were previously done manually.

In order for these changes to take place from both a company and employee perspective, there is a big need for faster, cheaper data becoming available throughout South Africa as the price of data is a contentious issue that could limit South Africa’s transition into the new industrial era.

As a business, our goal is to ease small to medium-sized businesses into the change by providing them with affordable technologies to improve business productivity and improve their ability to adapt to these technological changes through the implementation of smart technologies.

Our ability to provide hardware and software solutions that are adaptable from on-site to cloud gives us a unique selling point as we provide an array of business solutions under one roof that can grow with our clients business to allow them to transition their business technologically.