ADSL is on its deathbed

Telkom recently announced that it would be killing ADSL for all its subscribers in coming months, with a 5-year plan to completely decomission ADSL.

Telkom is intending to move 96% of its subscribers to wireless services with others being migrated to fibre where fibre is available. Where there is no fibre coverage, Telkom will be providing customers with capped and uncapped fixed-LTE services.

ESA Partner has strategically positioned itself to provide customers with alternative fibre, wireless and LTE services from among up to 20 different connectivity providers with coverage throughout South Africa.

By selecting a connectivity service for business through ESA, clients have the benefit of multiple options of connectivity based on their requirements at their various branches without the need to deal with multiple connectivity providers. ESA offers a one-stop shop for connectivity sales and support, allowing clients to choose what they need rather than what their individual ISP can provide based on their coverage.

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