Fibre-to-the-business Benefits

Fibre-to-the-Business benefits

Fibre-to-the-Business (FTTB) provides fibre-based broadband access that connects to a network from a modem or router-based at your business site. With extensive fibre coverage, this product is well-suited to multi-branch businesses.

When it comes to having fibre to the business, you should have peace of mind that your network won’t slow down your productivity. To have a faster connection to the internet, it requires more management, and with a managed network you have more control over your business network from start-to-finish.

Fibre to the business comprises speeds of between 2Mbps to 1000Mbps and is generally offered as a best-effort service. Unlike your normal ADSL and VDSL, fibre to the business can be used to carry internet traffic or Virtual Private Network (VPN) traffic. No telephone landline is required to use Fibre and you can benefit from using VoIP over your FTTB line without needing to pay additional line fees

Fibre-to-the-Business Benefits:

1.   Symmetric Speed

The term Symmetric speed means equal upload and download times on an internet connection. This is beneficial for a business as there is always heavy traffic and demands on downloads and uploads, this accommodates these demands simultaneously via their data connection.

2.   Reliability

Fibre is much stronger than copper, fibre internet connectivity offers significant reliability. Fibre is resistant to electrical interference as well as human unless the fibres are physically cut. Businesses need fibre that is reliable to the employees in order to work more productively. 

3.    Speed

Fibre-optic internet is considerably faster than even the highest-speed copper internet connections. This is a tool that supports your employees. Your business should not notice the internet slowing down during the periods of high demand for internet access.

In conclusion, an unreliable internet connection can affect business costs, therefore, it’s so important to have reliable internet connectivity to avoid these unforeseen costs. These unforeseen circumstances can bring amounts of unplanned downtime and can bring business productivity to complete standstill. Fibre-to-the-Business offers uncapped line speed and much more.

Only you know what is truly best for your business, but there are some compelling reasons to seriously consider switching to fibre. If you need more insight before making an informed decision to switch over to fibre to the business, you can reach out to us and we will be happy to help you.