Web-based VS Local desktop software.

Web-based VS Local desktop software.

Why is Web-based better than local desktop software?

Desktop applications are where it all began. Locally installed programs that require certain software and hardware specifications on the local device is how many of us traditionally used software, but we have come a long way since then with web applications and cloud-based applications. Despite this, many applications are still limited to the desktop and its resources.

With a web-based software application, users are able to access on-demand data and content using the web browser. When using Web-based software, your application is a lot more flexible as it is not limited to desktop resources and design limitations, and with the correct internet connectivity can increase productivity in the app.

The key differences to why Web-based software is better

Locally installed Hosted on a web server
Uses local resources Uses off-site resources
Limited by PC software/hardware Flexible specifications (dependant)
Can only be accessed on a single
Can be accessed on any device from anywhere
Limited to a certain degree in respect of design Flexibility of UI design
Prone to loss of data (fire, hardware damage, theft Has mirroring and data recovery options.

Personal taste matters

Some people will claim the advantages of both, this is your own preference. Technologies change over time and it’s up to you to go with the change or stick with the old. Therefore, the most important thing is to keep some flexibility. Change is good especially for businesses that want to keep up with the modern changes in technology as it will benefit the business at the end of the day. The web-based application is best suited in order to keep up with modern-day technology.