microsoft office 365

Five Facts about why Office365 is the way to go

The two major office suite providers competing against eachother in today’s business environment is Microsoft’s Office365 (now rebranded to Microsoft 365) and Google’s GSuite. Apart from these two there are many other office suite providers including WPS Office, Libre Office, amongst others, however, none of them compete at the level of Microsoft Office 365 and GSuite, who both have surpassing functionality, overall look and feel and versatility.

Between the two top competers, we opt for Microsoft Office 365 and our choice is backed by many critical factors. Here are just five facts about Microsoft Office365 that make it our first choice:

  1. Everyone needs a good document creation program at some stage in business and more often than not, it requires some sort of flexibility in the look and feel. When it comes to document creation, Microsoft Word is far more flexible than Google docs, allowing greater design capabilies and customisations for the user in a simpler form than Google Docs. In addition, it offers a great collaboration platform through the use of Sharepoint.
  2. Microsoft has a built in mailbox cleanup tool called Clutter that gives your mailbox the capability to declutter itself based on rules you put in place for you mailbox. Simply start by activating this feature and marking mails that are unnecessary as clutter and soon enough your email will learn to do this automatically. Gmail on the other hand requires third-party integrations to perform similar functions to a lesser degree, or require manual cleanups.
  3. If you need to edit a PDF, you can convert your PDF to a Word document, without all the formatting issues that doing so would have given you in the past. This is a nifty feature for when you need to fill out insurance forms, contracts or other documents that are sent over in PDF format, meaning you can save paper! YAY!
  4. At a small business level, Microsoft Office365 comes in at around the same price as GSuite however, compared to Google’s 30GB mailbox offers a 50GB mailbox and compared to a 30GB Cloud storage (which is shared with Gmail) offers a 1TB storage, completely separate from your mail storage.
  5. Online and offline access. Compared to GSuite which requires you to be connected to the internet at all times to create and edit documents, Office365 gives you both an online and offline option, making it easy to work from anywhere.

Both of these office suite software are powerful and have benefits but, because of these and many other features and benefts, Office365 is our preferred option and, once you give it a go, it will be yours too, so why not send us an email to [email protected] and let’s get you up and running on the 30-day free trial, as quickly as within the same day.