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Smarter, Managed Technology Solutions

When it comes to business technology, ESA Partner has taken the stance to never do an off-the-shelf solution because experience tells us that this never truly meets the customer’s intricate requirements that it has for its business. Let’s be honest, every business is unique and has unique requirements so we can’t take a one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to print, telecoms and networks.

We aim to provide a solution that directly meets the needs of each individual customer, based on initial scope of work meetings that help to identify customer needs and requirements from the get-go. Without a proper scope and understanding the current pain-points a customer has in his or her current business technology, it is not possible to scope a proper solution that will actually add value and therefore, if we aren’t doing these initial investigations, we are just adding more or new technology into a network that is already not satisfactory, causing even more issues.

When we scope a solution, we send out an individual with the necessary skills and knowledge to identify:

  • What the pain-points are in your current network
  • What areas of your network are potential weak points that you may not have yet recognised
  • What your goals are with your business over the next 2 to 5 years and how technology plays a role in your getting there
  • What additional requirements you may have that your current solution doesn’t offer
  • What solutions in our vendor-agnostic range of solutions will best meet the the above pains, weaknesses and additional requirements

Once we have done this scope, our solution specialists liaise with our team of fully certified solution architects to put together a solution using a hybrid of technologies that will work together to suit your business requirements. All our solutions are custom-specified and therefore tick all the relevant boxes to ensure customers are happy on their journey with ESA.

We’re a big believer in technology that works for your business proactively, so many of our solutions incorporate automation into them to allow us to better manage your technology proactively, so that support requests can be kept to a minimum as we tackle issues before they arise. For solutions where this is not possible, our integrated ERP system manages our support tickets to ensure that tickets are sent to the correct support agents and resolved timeously using tools that allow us to access all aspects of our solutions remotely.

If you want a solution that works for your business, our solutions are the way to go. There is a reason why we are your preferred business technology partner.