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Your server is a highly important aspect of your business network

Many businesses today still operate on a basic computer network, known as a peer-to-peer network where computers are linked to one another, but there is no central server. This works when the business is small but as the business grows, it starts to negatively impact productivity. Once you get to this stage and implement a centralised server network, you will wonder how you ever operated without one because it offers such great benefits to your business.

By implementing a centralised server network, you’re making your teams more effective and are making managing your business simpler. Here are a few ways that having a server improves your productivity and business simplicity:

  • Centralised file storage & sharing
    By implementing a server, you make accessing and storing files simpler because everything becomes a centralised platform for both employees and clients to access documents and other files. With the right setup, both employees and clients can easily access documents and share documents with one another in a processs through a client / employee portal that separates documents and other files based on relevant permissions. This also means your employees can save space on their local devices as documents can be stored on the server instead of on local machines.

  • Data Backups and Redundancy
    By having all your documents and important files stored on a server rather than a local device, you benefit from server backups or other forms of redundancy which secure your data, ensuring you do not lose important documents and files should your local devices encounter any issue that could potentially cause data loss or be stolen.

  • Network Security
    By implementing a server, you provide your business with increased network security because password policies can be managed through the server and user accounts access and control can be done server-side. With a server, you can require users to authenticate their permissions by putting in a password before downloading applications and you can configure the user devices to run in a specific manner across all users, making systems uniform across the entire organisation. In addition, through the server, administrators are able to implement a variety of security requirements including anti-virus deployment on all devices etc.

  • Software Updates
    With a server, all those important updates that often get missed can easily be rolled out automatically across all company devices, and even scheduled for certain times of the week when it is most suitable for updates to take place, such as at the end of the week.

Whether you have a cloud server or a physical server on-site, having a server is an important part of any business because it provides additional security, collaboration, and simplicity for IT administrators, employees and even for clients. We offer a variety of server solutions from on-premise servers to Azure, AWS and Google Cloud.

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