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video conferencing on Microsoft365
Enrico Leigh

How to build a thriving remote workforce

Remote working is becoming the norm for many office workers around the globe since the rise of COVID-19 and, it will possibly remain that way in the future with potentially almost half of office staff

5g cell towers
Enrico Leigh

Will 5G overtake fibre optics? – A comparison

5G is the talk of the IT world and even the general public locally and internationally with its low-cost deployment and high bandwidth speeds along with the controversies around its health effects but when it

woman working from home
Enrico Leigh

How does VoIP benefit remote workers

VoIP has for years been the leader in voice communication, overtaking the traditional fixed-line communications of the past, making B2B and B2C communication more scalable, more affordable and more functional. Since the inception of VoIP


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