Saving Money Is Possible With A VoIP Telephone System

The telecommunications industry is being flooded with VoIP technology to the point where companies that were previously only ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) such as RSAWeb are now venturing into the IP telephony arena. Among these are many smaller VoIP companies reselling the products of other larger entities in order to call themselves VSP’s (Voice Service Providers). In the middle of this scrimmage over VoIP are companies still selling your legacy analogue PABX’s, leaving the market unsure at the best of times which way to turn when purchasing a new telephone system.

So do you choose VoIP or stick to the regular Telkom POTS (Plain Ordinary Telephone System)?

We put our money on VoIP technology. Digital life is taking over the world with things that we know and trust being replaced with newer, faster and smarter high-tech solutions. VoIP is one of those technologies that is revolutionizing office communications and saving companies large amounts of money.

Apart from the money what is the benefit of upgrading to an IP telephone system?

VoIP differs from your regular telephone service in that it treats your phone conversations as data passing through your IP network. Due to the increasing affordability of broadband and the ease of implementation throughout the vast broadband technologies. With this being the case, there is no longer need for copper telephone lines. With VoIP where you have an adequate internet connection, you can connect your telephone to a network point and get going quickly and easily.

One big advantage of the IP phone system is the ability to add or remove additional users quickly, with minimal cost. The in-built feature set also allows you to add or remove features as you deem them necessary and best of all, you don’t need to pay expensive call-out fees. All of this and more can be done by your VSP through remote connections into each system.

But, I have heard bad things about the voice quality.

Its true, VoIP does have a bad name in certain parts of the market due to smaller, less experienced voice providers not installing systems properly or selling VoIP the way it was traditionally sold before SA was introduced to high-speed internet, over an ADSL. The thing about VoIP today is that it is as reliable as your POTS telephone service based on a few factors that your VSP will have to ensure is in place. At ESAPARTNER, we take special care when implementing a voice solution to ensure the highest quality of service. Our criteria ensures that each client has one or more of the following:

  • High-Speed Internet Connectivity dedicated to the voice network (such as LTE, VDSL, Fibre, Diginet or Licensed Spectrum Wireless)
  • Qos (Quality of Service) router which allows our technical team to remotely access and monitor your lines and individual phones around the clock
  • Redundancy over more than one connectivity medium to give clients that extra guarantee on their voice quality, something that the POTS telephone service could never offer

So, in essence with VoIP you are getting so much more than what your regular telephone service can offer you – reduced call costs, reduced installation and maintenance costs, more reliability and increased productivity – exactly what every organization needs in a declining economy.

If you’d like some more information, contact one of ESAPARTNER’s specialists in telecommunications and they will assist you in making the best decision for your business.