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There are various companies offering businesses a VoIP solution guaranteeing savings and great benefits, making it hard for business owners to decide which solution would in fact have the most benefits for their business and meet their business communication needs. We have a specific criteria that we suggest prospective VoIP buyers take into consideration when buying a VoIP system for their business.

I’ve been offered hosted VoIP, should I go for it?

IP communications have advanced to the level where almost all service providers now offer a hosted solution which provides businesses the opportunity of having their voice service hosted within their VoIP service providers network, providing increased scalability, more storage for recording as well as disaster management benefits amongst others. We suggest that businesses with more than 25 users focus on purchasing an on-premise VoIP solution due to affordability of the initial purchase and those with less than 25 should take the time to evaluate whether hosted or premise would be the best solution for them.

What’s the best connectivity for VoIP?

No doubt about it, fibre optics is the way to go for a VoIP service but the problem is that the cost of fibre in South Africa is very much out of the budget for many SME’s. For this reason, we suggest that SME’s look at LTE (4G) for VoIP as an alternative. With over 200 systems in the field running over LTE, we are confident that it is a great service over which to run you business communication. It offers high-speed connectivity as well as the capability of handling multiple calls (10 concurrent calls). It also comes in at a price very similar to ADSL, from as little as R600 per month.

Should I rent or purchase my VoIP system?

Leasing a system is always the best option when purchasing for your business as it provides you with tax benefits as well as further benefits down the line when it comes time to upgrade the solution to whatever is new and useful in the future. Most VoIP service providers will offer you a 24, 36 or 60-month agreement which allows you the opportunity to pay off your communication system without giving out a cent at the time of implementation. Furthermore, you see more benefit by leasing because the savings you achieve by using the VoIP system basically pays for the system on a monthly basis.

Do I require redundancy for my VoIP system?

In general, redundancy is not a requirement for a good VoIP system however, adding redundancy gives you that much more certainty that you will have a VoIP service that works up to 99% of the time. It is for this reason that we implement redundancy with basically all our services by offering a special service known as RAIN mode which sends duplicate data reducing the packet loss and ensuring that all your words come out clearly, every time without the unnecessary repeat of every second sentence when making a phone call.

How do I know which vendor is the best?

Having a good VoIP system is about more than just having a telephone system that works, its about dealing with a company that offers you VAS (value added services) that add more benefit to your system as well as partnering with a company who takes resolving issues seriously. We offer a remote support service ensuring that our clients get back up and running should something happen in the shortest time possible. We have 1st, 2nd and 3rd line support agents ready at your beck and call to remotely log in and access your system to sort out functionality. We offer this service and any company that wants you as their client should be offering this service as well.


We pride ourselves in being a reliable and ethical provider of VoIP services which is why we take your communications seriously so if you are uncertain about who to go with when purchasing or leasing a VoIP system, give us a call and weigh up your options against what we have to offer. To find out more, contact us onĀ  021 552 5233 or [email protected].