Yeastar MyPBX : The Hybrid PBX for SME’s

Looking for an affordable, reliable PABX that will take your office communication into the future?

The Yeastar MyPBX may be just right for you

The Yeastar MyPBX is a hybrid PABX system which allows integration of analogue and IP allowing clients to easily switch from standard PSTN telephony to a highly advanced VoIP telephony system without needing to upgrade any part of their PABX.

The MyPBX series offers clients the comfort of an on-premise PABX system with all the functionality of a traditional PABX and more. The MyPBX is capable of running both as an analogue PABX system over current copper telephone line infrastructure as well as a fully functional IP PABX system without as much as an upgrade to the internal system.

Most PABX’s require the upgrade of SIP cards on the PABX in order to upgrade your telephony system to benefit from the advantages of VoIP but the MyPBX can be easily switched over by replacing your analogue handsets with affordable IP handsets.

ESAPARTNER specializes in building solutions around the MyPBX that are affordable and more reliable than legacy PABX systems. The benefits of a MyPBX far supercede those of regular PABX’s, offering built in functions such as:

  • Call Recording & Monitoring
  • Call Centre Functions (Such as Spy and Barge)
  • Softphone integration
  • Built-in redundancy

The MyPBX series also offers great ranges in terms of call concurrency and user scalability, we offer the following models in the MyPBX series with the following user scalability and call concurrency capabilities:

MyPBX Model Call Concurrency User Scalability
u100 25 concurrent-calls Up to 100 users
u200 50 concurrent-calls up to 200 users
u500 80 concurrent-calls up to 500 users

No PABX is perfect though, right?

No, there is no perfect PABX, however, the MyPBX has a highly-intelligent interface for troubleshooting issues and combined with our certified MyPBX technicians, we are able to ensure that we can resolve any issues that may arise in a jiffy. Although no PABX is perfect, the MyPBX is perfect for SME’s as it combines corporate PABX functionality at a price that is affordable to small businesses.

To find out more about a MyPBX solution for your business, mail us at [email protected] or contact us on 021 552 5233. We offer purchase options as well as rental options to ensure that upgrading your PABX is simplified for your business.