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Improve Productivity By Being Smart About Technology Use

Being busy does not mean you’re being productive. Whilst busyness may look like productivity, true productivity is seen in the outcome of the busyness that you employees find themselves consumed by on a day-by-day basis. With technology, there are many great ways to improve daily productivity, through using them in a smart manner.

As a technology business, we know first-hand that customers are not using their technology to its full capacity, meaning they are selling themselves short on potentially pertinent aspects of their technology that could help them achieve their business goals faster.

Today, we will take a look at three aspects of technology that you most likely already use that could help employees speed up their work:

1. Scheduled Printing Jobs

Many of the multi-functional printers on the market today offer this great feature that makes your printing work a lot simpler, reducing the amount of times employees need to spend at the printer.

Say you have a meeting at a specific time and need a report printed, or even a few meetings and multiple documents for these meetings. You can schedule the print for just before each meeting so you can get the document on your way. Or, let’s say you have a live-document that is updated throughout the organisation and need records thereof, you can schedule to have the document print automatically at specific time-intervals.

By planning your print jobs better, you can save time and be more productive.

2. Manage Documents and Projects Better In Your Organisation

Many organisations make use of Office365 as a mail platform but, when you purchase O365 Business or higher, there are other parts of the office suite that become available in your organisation.

One of those available applications is Sharepoint which, contrary to the belief of some, is still very much alive today in the world of business, where it is used to manage projects, implement workflows, share documents and more.

When it comes to working in teams and sharing resources, Sharepoint is a great tool that can really improve employee productivity.

3. Reduce Travel Time, Expenses With Video Conferencing

We all had to change the way we do meetings during lockdown in South Africa, and globally but, why go back to old ways when video conferencing is the way of the future, and it can save you time and money.

The time it takes to travel to clients is time that is unproductive, being stuck in traffic, trying to find parking in the city centre. What about cutting down this time? Could you have more meetings in a single day or simply save time that can be used elsewhere in your day for increased productivity? Whatever the reason, video conferencing is a great way to improve productivity.

If you’re an Office365 user, Microsoft Teams offers a great video conferencing option, otherwise there are many other premium platforms like the internationally-renowned Starleaf, and then various other free solutions like Skype, Zoom and Google Meets.

By utilising technology in smarter ways, we can all stop the busyness and turn our busyness into productivity. Don’t neglect using technology to better the way you do business, because if you don’t adapt, you die, as the saying goes.